Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today the Husband and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Here is Zadok's fave wedding photo, at the Gorge in Launceston, Tasmania. We were married in the Fairy Dell which is just nearby this shot. I have other favourite's maybe I will show them to you one day. This photo does make me smile because we had to chase after this peacock to get in the right spot!

We have had a busy happy year... ermmmm, somewhat smoother than the first year! Lets hope there are many more harmonious years to come!

Tim Hughes took our wedding photos. We were and still are thrilled with them. He did VON's before mine and has done a number of my friends since. You can see his website HERE.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Mel!

Last Friday night we all headed to Barasti Bar to celebrate Mel's Birthday.

Here are Muriel and I giving Mel a birthday kiss.

We had a hilarious night.

Zadok's alta ego, the Galloping Rhino came out.

He spent the evning throwing his substatial weight around the dance floor and the mellow seating area, he also threw anyone else that came near him... I am sure that this is cuddle and not a headlock!

Mel's husband Craig also provided some special birthday entertainment, until he was asked to stop by security!


A good night had by all, I am sure it's not a birthday Mel will quickly forget!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Old Dubai

We had a VERY quiet Christmas just doing normal things. We had a roast dinner in the evening. Boxing day and the day after Mum and Dad did the Big Bus Tour around Dubai, which they thought was really good. The next day we headed down into Bur Dubai to the Dubai Museum. I've been to the museum before, I've got to say it is really interesting and well laid out. There is a video showing the history and progress of Dubai.

Then there are all these models doing things from old times. There are bits of information and it's quite enjoyable to wander through.

After we had finished at the museum we headed down to the creek. I love it down there, it makes me remember I do really live in a different country! We headed over the creek in an Abra (small boat) and wandered through the windy streets down to the Gold Souq (market). There are HEAPS of shops all selling glittery, lovely, shiny gold...

we then headed to the Spice Souq, one or two narrow lanes on the Deira side of the creek where all the tiny shope are selling spice (odd that hahaha).

After the spice souq we wandered down that side of the creek to the Shindahga tunnel pedestrian underpass, which (for those of you who live here) is seperate to the car tunnel. Another first for me!

Wer had lunch and headed back through the Creekside Souq to the car, exhausted! Lucky the weather has been VERY cold (not much over 20...) so it was ok to walk.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I've blogged it before....

And I'll blog it again! Mamzar Beach Park is one of my favoutite places in Dubai. It lies on the corniche at the edge of Dubai heading into Sharjah.

It's so peaceful here and there is usually hardly anyone else around, especially compared to the busier beach park in the city. Here is Dad standing on the inlet beach with the Sharjah skyline in the background.

And the prettier beach that faces into the Gulf. I like the end beach better as it's not really effected by the Deira Palm, but the others are still good also. I looks like the weather was good... But it's been very cold here by Dubai standards. We actually swam but we didn't last very long and I'd give it another month before I had another attempt!

Mum was highly amused by this sign, but she and Dad had not really experienced the full force of shopping as a passtime in Dubai.

It is Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) after all! We were down at Dubai Creek but I think there are plenty more pics of that to come!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dashing through the Desert

As Mum and Dad have travelled on to Thailand for 2 weeks, we decided to take them on a desert safari rather than give them a gift for Christmas. It's high season here so there were a lot of people in out group.

We got picked up from home then drove out into the desert.

The sand in the desert is so different from beach sand, it feels great between your toes. There were 7 of us in the 4WD includint the driver. It was fun going up and down the dunes, especially the big ones!

Here are all the cars in the background. These were just from the company we were safaring with.

The sunset over the rolling dunes was stunning. The sand was literally glowing red. Then we headed off for dinner in a majalis type arabian tent. We rode camels and Mum and I had henna done. We also watched a belly dancer. A good time had by all!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time out in Dubai

Christmas has come and gone, and so have my Mum and Dad! The internet has been playin up so once again I have been absent from posting. I have A LOT of photos that Mum took so I will put a few on here.

Here I am at Jumeirah Public Beach. It's quite nice especially early when there are not so many other people around.

Here are Dad and I walking along Umm Sequiem Public Beach. A favoutite spot for Burj Al Arab photos!

I have finally taken to the road in Dubai.... I drove at home of course but just never did it here. It's actually much easier than I thought.

Here I am out the front of JPS, so dedicated being at school in the holiday! OK, that is enough for now. Plenty more to come though!