Friday, February 23, 2007

Catching Crabs in Umm Al Quain...

Last Friday a whole bunch of people from the Drydocks jumped on a bus and headed to Umm Al Quain to do some crab catching.

Umm Al Quain is one of the Northern Emirates. It's about an hours drive from Dubai, give or take depending on how much you value your life and what sort of vehicle you are driving. It sits on a big lagoon type thing, which I am pretty sure opens to the sea... somewhere! It's famous for it's tax free alcohol and second rate water park.
Miki says "I caught one I am going home already...."

It's 4pm and here we are haveing a few relaxed drinks in this bar, now this is the life!

A bit later on... Night is falling and we are getting ready to go... Safty first!

Fashion second!

We went out 18 to a boat. We had lights to hold in the water and spears to nab those crabs with. After a few unsuccessful attempts and our friendly crab catching boat driving guide yelling and gesturing wildly we started to spear them by ourselves!

Lucky we weren't relying on them for oue dinner...
They weren't the meatiest crabs in the world!

I am well excited tonight cause I just got Jen's itinery for her round the world trip.... Including Dubai in May!!!!! YAY! Jen is one of my best friends from home, cant wait.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brunch at Al Qasr

Friday Brunch is an institution in Dubai. Hotels across the city offer food and drink deals starting at midday and finishing in the late afternoon. This of course goes against all common sense but still thousands of people partake in the ritual every weekend.
We try and avoid brunch, as it takes a lot of time out of the weekend, but every now and then we give in a nd go along. Two Fridays ago we went to the Al Qasr brunch which is rumoured to be one of the best. We were celebrating Craig's birthday.

The Al Qasr hotel is absolutely stunning and has one of the best locations in Dubai, just past the Madinat on your way to the Marina.

The food was absolutely amazing, and the drink wasn't bad either!

Here are Zadok, me, Muriel and Al

The view was stunning, one of the best in dubai, here you are looking out to the Palm Jumeira, the building in the nackground is the Pier Restaurant (someone said the setting is stunning but the food is not!)

and looking back across the Madinat to the Burj...

So that was that! I must say I was home in bed before the sun set.... Well nearly!

Check in for my next post, last weekend Zadok and I both caught crabs!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Ras Al Khor

Last one from Dad and Mum's visit I think! At the end of the natural creek (the creek is being extended by a number of kiometers) there is a wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is mainly to protect a variety of species of birds. I had not been yhere before (despite it being about 5 minutes drive from my house...) and I was pleasently surprised by what Mum, Dad and I found. There are a number of cute little bird hides that look like this...

Inside there were men quite ready to answer any questions we had, and binoculars and a telescope (they looked like Army issue....) so you could get a nice close up view of the various birds, mostly flamingos.

This shot taken through the telescope!

If your looking for a cheap 'natural' way to fill an hour or so (and you are in Dubai!) It's worth a visit I would say. I think te hides are open between 9 and 4pm except on Friday.