Thursday, September 28, 2006

The type of teacher I am.....

I have been back at school nearly a month now, I have a new classroom, a new class, a new TA and a new principal. All are very good, I have quite the mischeivious class but you get that sometimes! I had the most hilarious moment of my teaching career when one of my boys brought me a piece of work in the first week.... I had asked them to draw a picture of themselves with me (my head provided) for a parent infor mation evening, here it is.....

Obviously I made quite the 'impact' in the first week of school!

Lucky his parents have a sense of 'Umour (Australian of course).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back in London

We dragged ourselves out of bed bright and early the next morning (very difficult) tried to eat breakfast then hopped on the bus for the drive through Belgium back to Calais. This was quite a long trip but as we both slept quite a bit we didn't really notice.

I know I have already posted a few pics from London but after we got back we went for a walk and the light was beautiful, so I'll post a few more! We just stayed one night on the way home. We could of had more as there were heaps of thing we didn't get to do and we loved using the underground, it was so easy to get aroud wherever we wanted to go.

The next day we went to Madame Trussades, a great thing to do, we were just about all toured out. We had a great time in here... I want that one!

We can all dream...

I always heard that 'Little Johnnie' was small, but Zadok had to stand on the base of this one to increase his height.

Last park! This photo looks green but the incredibly hot weather across the UK had left all the parks looking like deserts, the grass had all died in the heat. I guess they dont usually have to water it twice a day to keep it alive!

Then it was back to the hostel, grab our stuff, jump on the underground and off to Heathrow. We arrived back in Dubai having had an absolutely amazing time, we had seen and done so much.

So I hope you enjoyed that little journey! Sorry I got so slow at the end, I have been really busy. Keep checking back because I already have photos from here to blog, and all the Australia ones as well!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


We crossed the border into the Nedrerlands in the afternoon. It was another very hot day... We were starting to dream of the climate controlled life we live in Dubai.... The first thing Zadok did when we got over the border was to kiss the ground of his motherland... Hahaha not really, straight into the shop to search out a big pack of Droppies (salty Dutch licorice).

We stopped by this windmill for the perfect photo opportunity. Someone actually lived here and I cant help but wonder how annoying it is to have bus loads of tourists outside your door everyday!

We headed to a cheese and clog factory where one guy makes all the clogs by hand, then had paints them. He assured us they would be the most comfortable shoes we would ever wear, aslong as we bought them too big and wore thick socks.... A bit suspicious!

We headed back to the hotel (which was very nice) in the evening and had a really nice dinner. We had a few quiet drinks and headed off to bed ready for another big day.

The first item on the list was of course the Anne Frank museum located inside the house where she and her family hid during the war. I have read her diary when I was younger and it was amazing to see where it all happened. Then we walked past various monuments recognising the plight of the Jews during the war. In one museum children are educated about the holacaust and then they take a wooden tulips and attach a message, it was quite moving.

This is a sign that informs you that coffee may or may not be available inside, but other things certainly will be. You don't really need a sign I don't think, the smell does the job just as well!

Someone is going to have to help me here, in the afternoon we headed up to a small village about half an hour out of Amsterdam, it starts with a V I think but I cant remember the name.

It was pretty touristy but beautifully cool sitting on the edge of this huge man made lake, which used to be open to the sea.

There were clogs galore for sale here....

This photo waas taken just next to the red light district in Amsterdam. The whole area is quite amazing. I put my camera away before we went any closer, no photos sorry!

We took a cruise around the canals which was absolutely beautiful. Here is a bike park, thousands of bikes all parked like cars, I've no idea how you are meant to find the right one at the end of the day!

There are hundreds of houseboats along the canals and as it was the weekend and warm there were people out everywhere in boats and walking along the canals.

This is a famous photo spot where there are 7 bridges all lined up... Our camera is not the best for this type of shot but you get the idea.

When we got off the boat we were at a floating restaurant where we had a huge dinner. Most people headed back to the hotel but Pete, Zadok, Cory and I stayed in town to do as the Amsterdamians do, well some of them I guess. We arrived back at the hotel sometime after 3am really looking forward to our 6am wake up call.....

On last post to go.... Nearly there!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


We had just one night in Germany on our way to the Netherlands. We entered from Switzerland, spending 1/2 an hour at the border having our passports examined and stamped.

We headed through the Black Forest stopping at a Cuckoo Clock Factory, the site of the worlds largest Cuckoo Clock. As you can see it was 1pm when we got there so it was important not to blink!

We then drove on to Heidelberg, a small university city, the center of which was full of bars and restaurants, all surrounding an old cathedral. This castle sits on the hill overlooking the town and it's square. Lots of us enjoyed our first German beer in the square.

I thought this a good time to introduce Alan, an Aussie on tour with his wife and 2 daughters. Whenever we stopped the girls could be found shopping and Alan could be found enjoying a local brew in any available pub. Here he is in Heidelberg enjoying 1 WHOLE LITRE of beer! His t-shirt in the second photo (purchased by a daughter in Heidelberg) says something like 'Beer made this body beautiful'. Hahahaha.

Here is the river in Heidelberg, very pretty! We drove on to Ludwigshaven for the night.

The evening as quite amusing with people playing up and having a good time. Zadok's sticker says 'no cheese'. Non Frommage was a catch phrase for most of the tour.

Here are Rikki and Cory enjoying an intimate moment, nice teeth Cory!

After dinner we were heading up to our rooms and 5 of us got stuck in the lift.... We weren't in there for too long luckily!

In the morning we headed out with Amsterdam as the destination in mind. We stopped along the way for a cruise on the River Rhine, which was beautiful.

We stopped in Cologne for lunch and some sight seeing. The Cologne Cathedral was absolutly stunning, towering above the city.

Back on the bus and onwards to the North, driving into Nederlands later in the afternoon!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Friday-Wear Khaki Day

I know I haven't finished Europe yet but I can't go without mentioning the sad demise of one of the best known Australian personalities, Steve Irwin. I was at school when I heard and I have to say everyone, me included, were shocked.

I found this pic on an Australian news site and thought it rather fitting. So I have my khaki top set aside for Friday (today Aus time).... Being the first day of the weekend I may choose not to dress in 'real clothes' but if I do, I'll be wearing khaki.

I still have photos from Germany, Nederlands and a few more of London to post, I've just been really busy at school this week so I haven't got round to it. When I have finished those I'll start blogging from Australia.

School is going great by the way. My new principal is a dream.... I have a lovely classroom (not yet fully equipped but we'll get there...) and the kids seem mostly good. And I guess it's easy to be upbeat with Ramadan only 2 weeks away! More to follow.....