Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Flug Tag

On Friday we went down to Creek Park to see the first annual Flug Tag (flying day). I am sure you have all seen stuff about this on TV before, they have held them around the world. The whole idea is that people make flying contraptions that are human powered and then crash them into the creek (which is quite a health hazard I would think!)
Here we all are watching...
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And here is the first plane making a swift entry into the water.
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None of them got very far, about 15 meters I think! There were tohousands and thousands of people there and it was good for a laugh.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Hi Uncle Peter!

Last night we went out for dinner with three Australian guys who are over here from the Australian Maratime College in Launceston doing work experience. I was just discussing West Launceston and the street where Mum and Dad live with one of them as his children go to school at the primary school at West and they have friends in Neika Ave, when Dash one of the others said he thought he met my Uncle! Before he came over here he put his stuff in storage with Peter, and they chatted, apparently Dash said he was coming here and Peter said he has family here!!! Tasmania is a small place! Dubai is a small place?!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Mum!

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Today is Mum's birthday. We don't need to talk numbers I am sure but If she got as many runs in a one day match as years she has been around then the crowd would cheer as she trundled back to the pavillion.... You work it out....
Anyway, I hope you have a great day Mum. It's these days that living so far away is less fun.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Blue Sky Dubai

On Friday morning clouds covered Dubai and a massive sand storm rolled over part of the city. Normally we only have blue skies so it was quite an event. I took this photo from our balcony.
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There was no rain Friday but on Saturday morning we got up to massive puddles everywhere. It's the first rain since March I think. It spat a bit during the day also. No more for a while now though, back to blue sky Dubai.
P.S. This is the Tade Centre car park on a Friday morning, thats why there are no cars.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two New Sites For Your Enjoyment

YAY... Rach has joined the world of 'I spend too much time blogging... Oh no I am a computer nerd' Check her out here....

Rach's Ramblings


The second one Lauren has shared with me and I am sharing it with you for the enjoyment of those who obsess over simple computer games.

Trader Vic's

My new profile piture was taken at Trader Vic's on a Friday night.
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We go there most Friday night for cocktails. I work on Saturday so it is normally just a few quiet drinks with friends. We are trying to make it a tradition... Like Friday afternoon at the Smithton Pub... Well, that is what I think of anyway! The cocktails there are so good. The one with the bird in it is called the Potted Parrot. Last time we went Amber ordered one and we excitedly told her she would get a parrot thing, the waitress said 'oh sorry, no parrot today, because of bird flu'. Dubains will understand quick wit like this from hospitality staff is not all that common!
Camera is finally fixed, YAY!

Saturday, November 12, 2005


here are some photos that we took while snorkling on the East Coast.
It was a little bit murky the day we went so the pictures aren't all that clear.
Me underwater
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And the turtle, I'd like to say I saw it but I just wasn't quick enough!
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drama Drama

After we got back from camping, all four of us had upset tummies but Zadok's got worse and worse. He hardly slept all the next night. In the morning he took himself off to the hospital and after a lot of fussing round they diagnosed appendicitis. Anyway, so Zadok was in hospital Saturday night, they operated Sunday, and he came home on Monday, less his appendix. He now has a week off work. He is in a bit of pain but it is slowly getting better. I have the week off school anyway for half term so of course I am looking after him every minute... The hospital care here is very good, he had a lovely room, the doctor was great and the nurses competent. So that's the story!

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Would you believe, Zadok got four days off over my Eid/half term break and we were able to go camping with a whole bunch of our friends. We went to Fujeirah (many spellings accepted) which is the only Emirate that lies on the Gulf of Oman. There were 12 of us there I think. We haven't camped here before so we had to invest in a tent....
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Carrefour (the massive megamart we got to) sells tents for about the same price as a bottle of wine so we got this 5 person tent and were the envy of some others who slept in much smaller quaters! It looks quite nice with the fly on but due to the balmy weather we didn't bother with it.

As you can see we camped right on the beach. The only bad thing was the sand, sand everywhere!!! We went snorkling round the rocks you can see in the background of this pic of Mike, we are heading off in the distance...
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I nearly drowned... Probably due to my fantastic swimming ability (hahahaha) but there were some amazing fish there. Mike saw turtles and a ray.

The East Coast is quite mountainous. I hadn't seen the mountains before and although I knew they were not like lush I was expecting some greenery.... My first thoughts were of Queenstown in Tassie, where chemicals and mining have rendered the surronding hills lifeless. Only this was on a much, much larger scale. the mountains are quite severe and barren except for the occasional small plant that might be consideted a tree if you have a good imagination. You can sort of see them in the background of this pic.
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And at Sunset... Or just after!
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The evening we got back and the next day are another story... I will post again soon.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jebel Ali Beach and Camels

Last Friday Zadok got the afternoon off so we headed out to Jebel Ali Beach with Mike, Sandie, Martin and Ahsa. Jebel Ali is about 30 minutes South West of our place, and to get to the beach we drive through some desert. We often see camels there, and there is a whole group (herd?) that must live right near the beach. We got up really close!
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Our camera should be back in a week, thanks to Mike and Sandie for these pics! Sandie took this one of the sunset, beautiful!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I am on holiday starting tomorrow, and we have planned a camping trip to the East Coast. Zadok looks like he might have 2.5 days off to come... But I wont believe it until we are driving out of Dubai!