Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy (pre) Birthday Zadok!

Zadok's Birthday is not for a few more weeks but due to the upcoming school holidays and the immenent arrival of his parents (well, a week and a half away) he decided to celebrate early. I think he was really just keen to celebrate the fact that he is STILL only 24, at least for another 3 weeks!

We headed out to Barasti Bar (sound familiar?) to enjoy the excellent atmosphere and extremely pleasant evening temperatures we are having.

Muriel and Al gave Zadok this card which gave everyone a good laugh.... It's one of those ones with a badge on the front. If you know Zadok at all you will know exactly how appropriate it is!
I have to get crackin with posting because there are a few intereting things coming up (I hope they are interesting, anyway!)
It's just 2 more morning get ups until my term holidays, end of second term for you southern hemispheareans who get confused.... Of course because of the school year difference not because you are from the SH!
Also means that aside from 2 late night meetings at school this week (yuck) the pressure is off a little and I have a bit more time to blog.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dubai in Numbers

I 'borrowed' a copy of Gulf News 'A Day in the Life of Dubai' from the staff room last week, and as well as some marvellous pics it has fascinating figures realating to Dubai. Here are some!
  • 1,241,000 People live in Dubai (officially... many more are here on visit visas)
  • 500 buildings are under construction.
  • 6,500 taxis operate on Dubai's Roads (beats me where they are all hiding!!!)
  • About 1 million cars use Dubai's Roads daily!
  • 9000 vehicles cross Garhoud Bridge per hour at peak times (it doesn't feel like it if you are one of them trying to make your way accross).
  • 190,000 driving licences were issued in 2006.
  • 1,433,989 traffic offences were reported in 2006!
  • 22,279 children attended kindergarten in private schools, compared to 30,062 children in total in Dubai's public schools.
  • 30,000 travel or work visas are issued daily.
  • Dubai International airport handled 28,788,726 passengers in 2006... The airport is currently being expanded, and a new airport being built.
  • 470,000 people visited Dubai Museum in 2006 (including Mum, Dad and I!). The building is over 200 years old.... I am sure they have done some renovations!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fire on Sheikh Zayed Rd

Zadok and I usually leave for work just before 6.30am (yuck....) and he drops me at school before heading off to the Drydocks. 2 mornings ago the traffic looked a bit backed up, when we turned towards the car this was the sight that met our eyes. There are many new buildings going up along this section of road, as well as established buildings as you can just see on either side.

We drove right by and all bits of ash fell on the car. Shortly after we heard on the radio that the whole of Sheikh Zayed Road had been closed to traffic, that's about 16 lanes, causing instant traffic chaos which lasted throughout the day, long after the road had been reopened.

Luckily the fire and police service seemed to have managed this fire very well, although there was some damage to a nearby building (on the left) there were very few injuries and no fatalities.

Nearly all my workmates come from the opposite direction in the morning so I had many visitors pop their heads into my classroom asking after me and also out new building, although it is in that general area is not really very close.

Our current place of residence is just out of shot to the right, our new house is quite a ways to the right. Promise i'll blog about that soon!

Once again I cant claim these photos as my own! I really need to start taking my camera with me.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Stormy Skies in Sydney

Mel just sent me these pictures of a storm last night in Sydney, I guess you Southern Hemisphere Dwellers have already seen them!

I have no name to put to them, but however it was must be pleased with their work!

Police and fire services were kept busy but no one was injured, according to newspaper articles I have read.