Friday, March 31, 2006

Spot the difference...

I took this photo hanging out of the car in Abu Dhabi... We all thought it was entertaining! They don't do signs like this in Dubai, not that I have seen anyway!
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Heritage Day

On Wednesday we had Heritage Day at school. It's a way for the children (and teachers) to get a look at the culture of the United Arab Emirates. All the children dress up in national dress (very cute) and there are numerous events throughout the day in different areas of the school.
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Here I am holding a falcon. It is suprisingly heavy!
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We were visited by some girls from a local university, they showed the boys how to wrap their head dress in the traditional Emarati way and one of them did Henna designs for all the girls. She told me it would come off in a week but I have my doubts!
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I now have 9 more school days until holidays, YAY!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not the Red Bull Air Race

We headed off on Friday morning to the UAE's capital, Abu Dhabi, to watch the Red Bull Air Race. Unfortunately, a storm blew in and the event just never quite started!
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Here we are, Mike (other Mike), Dianna, Wendy and Zadok in our perfct position to NOT watch the race....
It was good to have a look around and see what the place was like though. It is a much older city than Dubai and not quite so flashy.
Image hosting by Photobucket The waterfront is beautiful, the planes were meant to fly around the Conriche throught these big blow up things and from the footage they were showing it looked amazing. The planes fly up to 400 km p/h I think.
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Check it out HERE, they have some clips aswell.
They postponed the race until the next day (Saturday) it seems they went ahead even though the weather still wasn't great. Maybe we will get to go next year! This morning there is heaps of thunder and lightning and more rain! Wish I was at home in bed!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

What's Going On?

Here we are already in March. The 'end' of the year is nigh! (sort of..... Actually I am just dreaming, there is still more than a whole term to go!) This is our plan for the next 6 months.

Mike and Sandie are on Holiday in Australia for a month (most of March). They are taking in Perth, then Sydney up to Cairns. so we have the apartment to ourselves which is nice.

In April I have 2 weeks holiday due to the end of Term 2. Zadok is taking 1 weeks leave during this time, we are staying in Dubai and hoping to do some of the Dubai things we haven't got around to yet, which will be good!

Term 3 ends at the end of June. Zadok has the whole of July off and we have booked a tour of Europe, I cant wait! It is an organised tour and we go to loads of countries. Stay tuned for details.

Zadok goes back to work in August and I will be heading to Aus for a month. I plan on stopping off in Melbourne for a few days then back to Tassie for much bumming around and hanging out with people, so noone is allowed to go away then!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sports Day & Mamzar Park

Last Wednesday we had sports day at school. Due to the huge number of children sports day runs a little differently than at other schools. Each year group has a different day. The activities are all athletics based and the children rotate in a tabloid type way. It was very well organised and the kids had a great time.
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My class won the class relay, this was of course because we are amazing athletes and not because I only had 18 children at school due to tonsilitis which has swept throught the class! (I have recovered now by the way, I'm feeling fine now).
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Yesterday we went on a field trip to Mamzar park which is a beautiful beach park to the North East of Dubai, just inside Sharjah.
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The kids had a great time looking at the coast line and doing various art activities. Might have to drag Zadok back here one weekend.