Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park

A bit further down the East Coast of Tasmania is Coles Bay, a cute little holiday town famous for it's location near the Freycinet National Park and it's stunning water views.
We stayed inside the park at Freycinet Lodge, which is where we spent our honeymoon. You can just see the lodge near Zadok's head, and the cabins are spread out to the left an right, but they are meant to blend in with the natural environment, there are heaps of them!

We stayed to the left in the posh cabins, we had a huge spa bath in our room which was really nice! Zadok went a bit overboard on the bubbles....

We did a local wine and food tasting and generally had a fab time. We didn't walk into Wineglass Bay as the weather was a bit crap, but we drove over to the other side of the penninsula which I cant remembar doing before (but i am sure I have).

The whole area is stunning with dramatic coastline and white sandy beaches. Not really swimming weather though!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time in Tassie

I've been looking through the blogs I usually stay in touch with this morning and feeling guilty for not posting, so here it is!

My summer/winter holiday has now been over for about a month would you believe, the time has flown by as we've been really busy with all sorts of things going on. I've got some nice pics of Tasmania to post for your enjoyment!

Here I am at the edge of the Lake St Claire Pass (correct me if I am wrong please.) At the Oyster Bay Lookout. The water you can see is the Moulting Bay Lagoon. The Mountains in the background are called The Hazards and are the gateway to Wineglass Bay, the gorgeous beach that you see on nearly all ads for Tassie, including the Emirates ad here in Dubai! More of That area next post though.

We drove on to Bicheno which is a lovely beachside town on the East Coast. We stayed at the SIlversands resort which looks right out over the bay. Here we are on our litle deck enjoying an afternoon drink and the sound of the waves crashing just down below us.

You've got to remember it's the middle of winter, look at that blue sky!
Just before the sun set we were treated to a display of 3 dolphins swimming in the bay, magic!

And I cant end without a picture of the Bicheno Blowhole.... It was quite rough so we saw some good sprays but they are hard to catch with our little camera!

Next stop, Coles Bay and the Freycinet National Park, Bliss!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back in Dubai

So I am back in Dubai, back at school, the kids start next week.
Zadok has just quit his job after signing with a new company and is counting down the four weeks until he can leave and have 2 weeks leave.
We are stopping with friends at the moment but need to decide where we will live for the next 6 months or more until our apartment is finished.
I have been a very lazy blogger and I blame this 10% on besyness, and about 140% on FACEBOOK... hahaha.
Rach put some pics on hers a while back when we were visiting her in Hobart. You can see them on.... Rach's Ramblings .