Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Today is the day all teachers cant believe their luck... After millions of meetings, nagging children, spreadsheets a mile long etc. etc. it is time to say goodbye for the summer months! Anyone who has tried to teach a 6 yo how to tell the time knows we deserve it.... It's a half day today so intend on walking out the door at about 1pm and I wont be back until the 3rd of September! Last night we went out with all the Year 2 folk to a buffet dinner (suprise suprise).

Here is Heather and I. Heather has been my teaching assistant since I joined JPS, she is FAB. Next year we have been split up, which is a bit sad.

What are they like?

Can you imagine?

Here is Jill, I will be working with her next year. Still in Year 2. I have met my kids and they seem nice, just very little!

2 Sleeps and we will be flying away!!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


That's all I have to say really....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The JPS Charity Ball

The other week we went to the JPS Charity Ball which was held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, (that is the hotel you can see in the background of the Wild Wadi photos). I managed to take only 3 photos, 2 of which I wont post here!

This is Kat (at the back) and Murial both of whom work in Year 2 with me. They are both staying next year which is great, lots of people leave and move around so it's nice to have some continuity. Zadok came as well but he seems to have avoided the cameras!

Here is most of the Year 2 team (8 classes=8 teachers+9 or 10 Teaching Assistants). Quite a few people are leaving or moving to other year groups next year.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

You know it's hot when....

  • The weather man says 'temperatures dropping down to a low of 30 degrees celcius over night.'
  • The condensation forms on the outside of the window, due to the heat outside and the AC working overtime inside.
  • You cant walk the 10 meters from the front door to the shop without needing a shower when you get home.
  • The hot water has to be turned off so it will come through cold, so as to cool the cold water which is now very very hot.
  • The sea becomes way too hot to swim in, unless you are after a very salty jacuzzi type sensation!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wild times at Wild Wadi...

Last week when Zadok had the day off we went Wild Wadi. It is a big water park here in Dubai. It's mostly family orientated but I though it was fun. There is one scary ride known as the Jumeirah Sceirah. Its a fast quick drop sort of ride similar to ones in Australia.
Most of the rest of the rides are slower, but the funny thing is a lot of them go uphill! They have these jet things that blast water out and push you up... So you don't go very fast but it feels pretty funny. All the rides are joined together, in between you float along 'Juha's Journey' (Juha is one of the characters you find all through the park).

The views were absolutely stunning, with Burj Al Arab right infront of the park, the Jumeirah beach hotel to the side (in the pic above) and of course the Gulf all along the front aswell.
So it was all fun and games and worth going and having a look, especially since we paid half price (remind me to tell you about the 'Entertainer' in another post).
I now have 15 days of school to go, 3 weeks to Europe (YIPEE!) and 7 weeks to Australia! Most of the stress of school has now passed aswell, Inspection over, assembly done, reports finished and Art Festival taking place as I write.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dodgy DVDs

You want DVD Ma'am Sir??? As in any Asian city the copied DVD trade here is rife. People loiter around apartment blocks trying to sell all manner of DVDs, from latest release to who knows what else. Some copies are good, some are unwatchable. We may have come accross a copy of Syriana the other day (which by the way has our apartment building in one of the shots) and this was the blurb on the cover of the DVD, no joke.

The gram plays an occupation of the American central intelligence agencyin the slice especially work,He starts be aware of the oneself there is unexpecedly ream in theusiness of the whole heart devotionThe actuality that heisu neasy, horse especially the wears to receive to play a pet roleum trade in the slicBroker, his home meets to make the persos hard imagination of tradgedy, have to at with an lealism sealt....

That was quite difficult to type. Now you should know if you want to see the movie or not!

PS 19 days of school remaining, 26 days till Europe and just over 7 weeks till Australia!!!!