Sunday, June 22, 2008

Winter wollies warm freezing statues.

I loved this snap that I found in the Tasmanian newspaper, the Mercury. Apparently the winter festival has just started, and it coincided with 'Knit in public day'. Some thoughtful person had adorned all the 'Heading South' statues with their own winter warmers. Hand knitted and then stitched on to the statues. Reminds me of a time underwear was strung across the Gorge right before the duck race, however this is probably a lot more tasteful! You can read the story here.

Just 5 school days to go!

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hatta Fort Hotel

We popped up to Hatta in the mountains last weekend for some R and R.

DIdn't take too many photos actually, I was far too busy as you can see!

It was a lovely weekend. Cant wait to get busy doing some more of this over the next few weeks, just 5 days of school to go!

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What Wendy did next

Oh, I cant believe I've done it again, not posted for months! I've been busy??? Anyway, quick one today then maybe some photos for you later in the week.

I have just 10 days of school to go, all eyes are on Thursday the 26th when we all break up for a blissful 9 week holiday! Usually this means some sort of holiday and then back home to Australia for a significant amount of time, but not this year!

Zadok and I are off to Malaysia for 2 and a half I've booked the flights but nothing else (yet...) we have a vague plan. We've got our lonely planet book and borrowed backpacks. We'll see what happens!

After that it's back to Dubai, Zadok has a few more days off then it's back to work for him. I then leave for Nepal, I am going to volunteer in an orphanage for 5 weeks. You can read about RCDP here. In brief I will do a week of language, then a week of 'cultural integration' (I think traveling round and getting the lay of the land). Then 3 weeks living in the orphanage being a dog's body I guess! Possibly working in the school although I was trying to avoid that.

Then when that's done, back home to get back into the Dubai lifesyle (I've already booked in with my beautician, haha) and back to school at the start of September!