Friday, July 02, 2010

My heart is beating like a jungle drum...

As I have mentioned, the orphanage is on a farm, which provides some of the vast amount of food that is consumed by about 150 people every day. The farm backs on to jungle. At the moment the mission is leasing a 'jungle plot' where they have been growing extra crops. It's not quite jungle as i expected but they do often see elephants and not so often tigers on and near the plot. We set out one Sunday afternoon to see what we could see.
Lorraine bravely strides into the jungle....

The jungle plot... Looks a bit dismal at the moment as all the crops have been harvested and they were wiaitng for the monsoon before planting could begin (I believe the monsoon has since arrived).

The only wildlife we saw...

Not that suprising as there were about 15 of us making a terrible racket and we ended up leaving before twilight!



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