Sunday, April 27, 2008

A head for Heights

I just recieved this in my morning trawl through my emails, it's a photo from the top of the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai (It's not finished yet so some would say it doesn't count but I am not picky). It is currently 629 meters tall, the only other structure to reach this height was the Warsaw radio mast which collapsed in 1991. Apparently office space is selling for $4000 a sq ft. The Burj is currently schedules to open in Sep 2009, 9 months late (and counting).

If you look on the far left you can see a patch of green, it's Safa Park. I work just to the left of this and live just above it near the sea. Also on the left you can see a group of buildings, this is where I will live, sometime, when they hurry up (?) and finish our apartment. Hopefully before I am 60....

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Zadok!

Oops! Bit late with this one. It was Zadok's birthday last Saturday, he turned 26 the ancient old thing. We had a good meal out the Thursday night with lots of laughs and probably slightly too much wine/beer...

Mel always makes personal cards for people's birthdays and i had wondered what she was going to come up with for Zadok this year, very appropriate I think!

This weekend gone we were really busy with Muriel and Al over, next weekend we slip into pre wedding mode, our good friends Kat and Iain are finally getting hitched... Hehe. Photos of all the to come I promise!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

My Beach

With our apartment still not ready, we are still living in a villa in a lovely suburb of Dubai. There may be others living with us... (sharing a villa outside of family members is illegal in Dubai).

It's going really well and we are very lucky as we have a beautiful pool (I'll post pics when I think of taking them) and the location is great, near my work (20 mins) and the beach (5 mins if you walk slow...). I often stroll along the beach in the evening and enjoy the sun set.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Up the Mountain

We've just had a short holiday for the end of term 2. Zadok took a week off and due to visa issues (no problems, just being renewed) we were UAE bound, so we headed off to Al Ain for a few nights. We stayed up the mountain at the Mecure which was quite nice.

The hotel was not quite as posh as we are used to swanning round in in Dubai... but still lovely. Here's me enjoying the sunset on the balcony, and the same view by night looking down over the city. It was so peaceful!

We played mini golf, the score sheet said I won.

And spent A LOT of time at the pool...

It's a hard life!

Term 3 is here, 12 weeks to go before the summer break! The countdown is on!

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