Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Love the Camera.

For some reason I took very few (none?) photos of family when I was home. The year before I took a lot so I guess that is part of the reason.

But I did take a number of photos of this little cutey! Isabelle is my sister inlaw, Zadok's youngest sister. She is a bit more than 2 and a half, and very happy to have her picture taken!
Zadok has not seen her since she was 9 months old, she will be 3 before he goes home in July next year!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My good friend Jen

Sorry for that little hiatus! I have been very slack posting. School is busy and there are various things going on taking up time and head space. I wanted to put these few photos on of my friend Jen. I caught up with her at home in August.

Here we are at 7 Mile Beach (is it the right one Dad?) It's about a 20 minute drive out of Hobart and a great place for a brisk walk.

It's funny cause I was thinking of emailin Jen and doing this post this afternoon when she sent me an sms. We must have connections.