Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well... Let's put Australia on hold for a bit. I feel like I'm falling behind as I haven't even mentioned our 4 days in Istanbul last month, but there's only so much I can write about! I am back from India and just about rocovered from the bout of Delhi Belly that thankfully did not hit untill I was back in Dubai... Despite me eating every type of street food I saw and doing rash things like brushing my teeth with tap water. So think I am going to give you a photo a day type thing of India. My Dad wont be happy, but he'll just have to put up with it!

Lots of kid pictures from India! You might get sick of them!!! Here are 3 of the small boys shucking corn. Dirage (sp?) Clifford and Jacki. The corn has been grown on the farm, there was more than we could eat so they are drying the excess to try and make corn flour (I think... Farming, not my strong point....)

Here is the link to the orphanage's website, I'll link on the side when I remember how to do it!!!

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