Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Living it up in Banbassa

Gail (on the left), Lorraine and I headed into the nearby town of Banbassa to do some 'shopping'. Gail is one of the older girls on the farm and one of the girls I studied with (pics to come). Lorraine is another volunteer at the farm as part of her Media degree. Lorriane is Indian born but grew up in Dubai! I travelled with Lorraine to Delhi at the end of my trip.

I didn't take any pics in the town for some reason! You'll just have to imagine... Lots of small shops selling just the neccessities really! And the occasional cow mooching about. It was super hot so we rickshawed back. Gail squeezed on as well can you believe. Poor guy earned his 60 cents/2 dhs.



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